Support ‘Aikane

Volunteers Make a Difference!

'Aikane O Nu'uanu is a volunteer organization. All of the services we provide could not be made with parent volunteers to serve as the board members, chairpersons, and event coordinators. While your child's elementary school years will pass faster than you realize, we encourage you take the time to get involved. You'll make friends, get to know the teachers and staff, and truly make a difference in our school community.

Monthly Board Meetings

If you would like to support ‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu, you are welcome to join our monthly board meetings held on the third Thursday of every month at 5:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria, except for March, when it will be held on the second Thursday due to spring break.

We encourage you to come out and learn about how things are run and to give your feedback on how we are doing. If you're not ready to be an officer or chairperson, at least consider volunteering for an event. It can really be a lot of fun and rewarding!

Family Fun Night Volunteer

We need help from families to volunteer their time to lead or be a member of a FFN committee. Since this is our biggest event there are a lot of opportunities to help – big and small. Committees include: games, silent auction, volunteers, country store, parking, logistics, prizes, just to name a few.

Family Fun Night FAQs

• Do I need to attend all of the meetings? No. We understand you can’t attend all the meetings and as long as we have open communications, attending each meeting is not necessary.

• How much time will this take? Honestly this is dependent on how much time you can give and what role you are willing to serve. We have committees who have about 1-4 hours of work every month and others that don’t have much to do until the month before and then there’s a lot to do. What I can say is that every little bit helps. If you can only give 30 minutes a month to help, that is 30 minutes more help than we had before.

Contact to find out more about volunteer opportunities.