Aloha Nuʻuanu Families,


I am sure you have heard, by now, about the change in our A+ after-school care program vendor at Nuʻuanu Elementary School, from Kamaʻaina Kids to Nuʻuanu YMCA.  This change is in effect immediately.


An email was recently sent to enrolled families from Ms. Amanda McCann on July 2, 2018 without the school’s knowledge nor approval.  We apologize if her correspondence has caused you undue concern. 


Please rest assured that the decision to change our after-school care vendor was made, foremost, with the best interest of our students and families in mind.


  • The A+ fee is $120 per month for this school year. This fee is determined by the Hawaii State Board of Education and is the same amount statewide.


  • There will be a full time A+ Site Director hired for our school and assistants who will be accessible when needed.


  • The enrollment paperwork you filled out will be transferred, but it will not have your financial information on it.  You will have to make arrangements with the A+ provider.


We have assurances with the state A+ directors and Mr. Cassidy Inamasu, program director for the YMCA Nuuanu Branch that the transition will go smoothly.  (See attached letter from the YMCA here.)



Lori Yamada, Parent Facilitator

on behalf of Principal James Toyooka

PCNC Program

Nuuanu Elementary School


Family Fun Night is right around the corner and the Family Fun Night committee would like to remind you of an important deadline coming up this week:

Scrip Pre-Sale Forms DUE FRIDAY 4/20!

Please submit your pre-sale orders for scrips by FRIDAY, APRIL 20th. You can download a copy of the flyer here.

Don't forget:

• For every pre-sale order of $50 per student, you will receive a coupon redeemable at Family Fun Night for $5 in scrips.

• The CLASS with the highest average per student wins a choice of a pizza party or ice cream party!

• EACH CLASS that submits pre-sale orders from every student earns up to $50 for classroom use.

The current standings for the scrip pre-sale are linked here. It's not too late to win your class some prizes!

If you have questions, please contact Leslie at

Introducing Family Fun Night's NEW GAMES!

Take a look at the wonderful NEW GAMES you'll find at this year's Family Fun Night! Make sure to submit your pre-sale scrip orders by Friday so you can enjoy these new games.

SPIRIT WEEK!! March 12–16

Show your spirit this week with fun dress up days:

Monday, March 12 - Sunglasses Day
Tuesday, March 13 - Pajama Day
Wednesday, March 14 - Fantasy Creatures Day
Thursday, March 15 - Sports Day
Friday, March 16 - Nu‘uanu Pride Day

Teacher Institute Day, February 12 - No School

Full day YMCA program available at Nu‘uanu Elementary School

Monday, February 12

Program Hours: 6:30am – 6:00pm

Program Fees: Daily Rate: $29

For registration information and program codes, click here. Or contact Cassidy Inamasu, Senior Program Director for the YMCA at (808) 541-5260 or email:

Nu‘uanu Elementary Winter Intersession

Join us this fall as we bring the Y to the Nu‘uanu Elementary campus!

Tuesday, December 26 – January 5, 2018: Winter Intersession
January 2 – January 5, 2018:
Specialty LEGO Camp for grades 2-6 (at Nu‘uanu YMCA)

Program Hours: 6:30am – 6:00pm

Program Fees:
Weekly Rate: $116 (non member), $93 (member)
Daily Rate (M/T/Th/F): $29
Daily Rate (W - with excursion) $39
Specialty Camp: $205 (member rates do not apply)

Optional Program Additions:
Weekly Subway lunch meal: $22
Weekly afternoon snack: $6

For registration information and program codes, click here. Or contact Cassidy Inamasu, Senior Program Director for the YMCA at (808) 541-5260 or email:

Keep Selling Those Coupon Books and Cards!

Selling tip of the day: Have your child ask his/her prospects, "Do you ever order take-out pizza? Would you like to get one free for every one you pay for? This Papa John's card is good for a whole year from when you first use it and it's only $10! You make up for it after your first order!" One 4th grader sold all six of her tickets in 10 minutes at a scout meeting ... Try it, it works!

Need more tickets? Email OR fill out and return the bottom of this form and we will get more to you as they become available.

Fall Fundraiser is here!

Students were sent home with their 2017 Fundraising packets on Monday, 10/16. Your packet should contain the following:

7-Eleven Lima Kokua Books (5)
Ronald McDonald House McFun-Raiser Booklet (5)
Jamba Juice Blending Aloha Punch Card (2)
Papa Johns Aloha Carryout Card (6)

Families will be responsible for lost or misplaced booklets/cards.

Can't sell your coupons? Please return them ASAP in their original packets to your child's teacher so we may offer it to other students to sell. We've already gotten requests for more coupon booklets, but want to make sure ALL coupons are sold. Missing booklets/cards? Need more to sell? Please email

Alternative Fundraising (Cash donations)

This is by far the best way to support our school. 100% of your cash donation goes straight to our kids! Cash donations are tax-deductible—a receipt will be provided for cash donations of $250 or more upon request. Some companies match their employees donation to registered non-profits. If yours does, let us know! Click here for the form. Or, if you just want to drop a check in an envelope and note your child's name and class...nothing to fill out...that works too!

Waiver Day program at Nu‘uanu YMCA

Waiver Day is coming up next Friday, 9/29. There will be no school in session. For those interested, the Nu‘uanu YMCA is offering a HALF DAY ONLY program.

Location: Nuuanu YMCA
Times: 6:30a-12:30pm
Rate: $15
General sports and group games are available, and one cooking activity. No excursion or swimming.

Minimum registrations is 14 to run the program.

If you are interested in signing your child up, email Cassidy Inamasu at by next Monday, 9/25 at 6pm. If the minimum number of students is not reached, he will contact parents on 9/26 to notify them that the program will not run.

Campus Beautification Day - Thank You!

Campus beautification was a great day and a lot was accomplished with the help of all our students, teachers, parents and Boy Scouts!  Projects included, pressure washing of white vinyl fence at the entrance of school, replacement of "s" on the Nu‘uanu elementary sign (notice how it shines!), cleaning of rainbow wall and white tile wall inside of gymnasium. And, huge project (phase one) of kindergarten garden was accomplished....check it out!  Butterflies are already beginning to hang out in the garden!

It was great to watch the kids play in nature and to see adults getting to know one another while working up a sweat! Thanks to everyone who made our day a huge success!

It's Fall Fundraiser Time!

Mark your calendars: October 16–November 3, 2017

Mixed bag Fundraiser (September 4–October 6)
Papa Johns Aloha Carryout Card
Jamba Juice Blending Aloha Punch Card
Ronald McDonald House McFun-Raiser Booklet
7-Eleven Lima Kokua Book

Tickets will be distributed on October 16th.

100% of the net proceeds will go to Nu‘uanu Elementary School to help fund student activities, events, and other project that will directly benefit your child.

Last year, ‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu purchased Chromebooks, student planners, as well as funded May Day, teacher supplies, STEM projects, CPR and First Aid Certifications and other curriculum, activities and events for students at our school. Additionally, ‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu operates the Early morning Care and Summer School program and sponsors Nu‘uanu Girl Scout, Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops.

Prizes will be awarded to the top sellers, look for more information in the fundraising packet. Check your child's back pack or home folder on October 16th for their fundraising packet.

Fall Intersession: Monday, October 9—Friday, October 13

Program Location: Nu‘uanu Elementary School
Program Hours: 6:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

**Register online by October 6th**

Activities run between 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Quiet games and assembly style activities will occur between 6:30 a.m.–8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.–6:00 p.m.


Click here for information flyer and registration codes.
To register online visit:

For more information, contact
Mr. Cassidy Inamasu, Program Director (808) 541-5260

Campus Beautification Day is Saturday, 9/16!

Just a reminder that Saturday is Campus Beautification Day. Report to the main office anytime after 8am to sign in. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and prepare to get dirty! If you have shovels, rakes, or gardening gloves, please bring them with you. Lunch will be provided by ‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu. If you have any questions, contact Holly at or Tanya at

Nuuanu A+ Hiring and New Email

Nuuanu A+ program (Kamaaina Kids) is still looking for responsible, friendly and fun leaders! Please help spread the word!

Schedule:     Mon Tues Thurs Friday - 2:00-5:00 
Wed 1:15-5pm

For more information, click or contact:

Program Coordinator: Amanda McCann (808) 780-4771 

Looking for a handout or recent flyer? Check here


Sat., Apr. 21
Spring Campus Beautification
8:00 a.m.

Thurs., May 3
May Day Prep
Decorate the gym
9:00 a.m.
School ends at 1:30

Fri., May 4
May Day Program
9:00 a.m.
at Gym
School ends at 1:30pm

Fri., May 11
Family Fun Night
2:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Tues., May 15
‘Aikane Board Meeting
5:30 p.m.
Cafeteria - Parents Welcome!

Fri., May 25
‘Aikane GMM & Movie Night
5:30 p.m.
at Gym

Mon., May 28
Memorial Day

Wed., May 30
School ends at 2:15 p.m.

Thurs., May 31
Last day of school
School ends at 1:30 p.m.