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We put the FUN in FUNDRAISING!

‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu's
fundraising events help to supplement school funding
to provide resources to enhance our children's education.  

Last year, through fundraising efforts, ‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu
was able to purchase 40 Chromebooks for NES students, with the goal of a 1:1 computer-
to-student ratio, as well as offer monetary support for individual teacher-led projects.

We hold two major fundraisers each year: a Fall fundraiser
based on ticket sales, and a
Spring fundraiser called Family
Fun Night where we host food, games, and prizes.

Fall Fundraiser Time!

Mark your calendars: Info coming soon

100% of the net proceeds of our Fall Fundraiser go to Nu‘uanu Elementary School to help fund student activities, events, and other projects that will directly benefit your child.

Last year, ‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu raised $27,000 and funded various school projects in addition to purchasing student planners, funding our May Day production, buying teacher supplies, funding STEM projects, CPR and First Aid Certifications and other curriculum, activities and events for students at our school.

Additionally, ‘Aikane o Nu‘uanu operates the Early morning Care and Summer School program and sponsors Nu‘uanu Girl Scout, Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops.